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Icons & Resources by Miggy

Icons and Resources by Miggy
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Hi! This is the icons, textures, brushes, etc. journal for miggy. Feel free to friend away, and I promise you'll only be seeing creative works in this journal! Any fandom blathering will be for the sake of presenting icons. Promise.


Every time I post something for general use (icons, brushes, etc.), I make a note of the usage rules. If you'd like a handy reminder, however, they're as follows:

Please comment if you take anything. Not only does it help track my bandwidth, but it gives me a warm fuzzy to know that people find my creations useful. That's what makes them worth doing!

Please credit if you take anything. That's all I say about crediting, because really? I don't care if you have a link to my journal tucked away in your gallery website, or you make a shrine to brushmakers in your userinfo, complete with little animated fireworks. Where you give credit really, honestly doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that, if you use an icon and someone likes how it looks, they can find out who made it and see the others in the same gallery. Or if you make a set of icons or a header and someone really likes the brushes used, they can find out where to download them. As I make things to be used and enjoyed by others, it makes me very happy to see someone say that they tracked down other works of mine because they saw them in a different journal.

Please don't hotlink. If you want to point to a brush set / icon collection / etc., please point to the original full post instead of linking directly to the files.

...That's about it! I like to think they're pretty reasonable requests. Now, let's stop with the requests on my end and clear up one request that you might make:

Unless otherwise noted, you can use all of my brushes and textures to create your own textures, bases, brushes, patterns, etc. Just please, please make sure that you're giving credit if you release any of these works publically. For my other works (illustrations, backgrounds, etc.), please ask prior to slicing anything up. For some pieces, I won't care; others are made as gifts to specific people and it's really their call as to whether they want to keep the picture special to them.


I've compiled an extremely thorough resource post here. There's a table of contents and everything. It's fairly awesome.

For handy-dandy recommendations beyond that rather straightfoward list:

100x100_brushes is where I post all of my Photoshop brushes. It's also the best resource for brushes I've seen on LiveJournal.
icon_textures is where I post all of my textures, and also where I pick up all of the ones I use.


THEME BY: thefulcrum
HEADER TEXTURE: lookslikerain